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10 Things to Ask When Considering Senior Home Care

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When your family makes the decision to provide an elderly loved one with home care, it is only natural that you will want to tour and interview all the options before making a final choice. Home care services are all unique, as are live-in care facilities, and if you’ve seen one then you definitely have not seen them all.

If it’s a full time, live in facility it may come with it’s own set of questions and touring these facilities can be a little overwhelming. It is not uncommon for family members to sit quiet through the interview, unsure of what to ask. Here is a quick, easy checklist that you can take with you on your next tour. The questions will help you stay organized and focused.

  1. What is the ratio between staff and residence in this senior center?
  1. How experienced is your staff and how do you train them?
  1. How many staff do you have working during the night shift as opposed to day shift?
  1. Is there a round-the-clock nurse available from you home care agency? If not then can the staff do things like give medication?
  1. What experience do you have with medical issues related to my loved one’s health?
  1. What types of living quarters are available and what is the price difference between them?
  1. What is your policy regarding wait lists and how many people are currently on it?
  1. Are there any outdoor spaces and are the residents given opportunities to use it?
  1. What additional services do you offer if my loved one’s health declines?
  1. Are there any services not included in the monthly fee/ If so, what are they?

During your tour, take a good, hard look at the facility. The residence should be odor-free and clean. As soon as you enter, you should be greeted and made to feel welcome. The staff members should be as kind to residents as they are to you and your family during the tour.

On the tour make an excuse to visit the restroom. This is a hot spot for slips and falls. It should be well lit and there should not be any leaks on the floor, such as around the bottom of the sink or toilet. Take note about things like grab bars and hand rails to help keep your loved one safe should this be the residence where they spend the rest of their life.

Talk to some of the other residents. Do they seem happy and casual? Or do they seem timid and afraid? Their body language and facial expressions will tell you as much as their words. Ask them how they feel about things like meals and recreation. If the residents appear engaged and happy, then you know you are on the right track for finding a senior care center for your elderly loved one.

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