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Preventing Senior Accidents

When you held down a job, your employer probably went out of his or her way to prevent accidents like slips and falls. At home you probably took similar steps to avoid serious accidents. Shouldn’t you take steps to prevent these things from happening when you live in a senior care center? Nearly three-quarters of

Tips for Keeping Elderly Family Members Safe Online

Believe it or not, each year a few more seniors embrace digital life. Grandparents are using video technology to keep up with their grandchildren who live out of town. They use social media to connect to childhood friends, family members, and past coworkers. Some are even jumping on the online dating bandwagon in hopes of

What Kind of Duties Can a Caregiver Perform?

Coming to terms with the fact that an aging family member needs care can be difficult to accept. Despite the fact that none of us are getting any younger, a lot of younger family members are in denial about the fact that their older relatives will someday need help. It makes them face their own

Five Leading Causes of Elderly Abuse

Caregivers for the elderly have a serious responsibility regarding the well-being of their senior charges. Part of that duty is to watch out for signs of elder abuse. Elder abuse is more than unwanted physical or emotional contact. It could include being financially preyed upon as well. As people grow older, they become more physically

Winter Safety Tips for Senior Adults

As people get older, life poses new and difficult challenges. Winter is no exception, especially in parts of the country at risk for wintry precipitation and other forms of harsh weather. One spill on an icy sidewalk or down a few untreated porch stairs can cause a wide range of physical health issues for people

Preparing for the Holidays with Your Elderly Family Member

The holidays are a time of joy and cheer. If you are celebrating them with an elderly family member then being prepared could help save your family from awkward, taxing moments during social gatherings. Being prepared also helps make your family member feel included in the festivities, which is better than any gift that you

Skilled Home Care Workers versus Health Care Helpers

If you wonder about the difference between the terms in home care and health care help, then you are not alone. Many who have never had to rely on these services easily mistake one role for another. If you are in a position to need these types of services, however then you may need to


HOME CARE STANDARDS BUREAU RATES : With more than 20,000 home care agencies in the United States, finding the right one can be difficult. Home Care Standards Bureau (HCSB) has made it easier to find the best care available by rating non-medical home care agencies that meet the most stringent standards. Home Helpers-Dallas is among

How to Combat Depression in the Elderly

About one-fourth of all people past retirement age suffer from some form of depression. Even during medical appointments for physical ailments, many elderly bring up complaints involving emotional trauma or distress. If left untreated, then depression can actually worsen an elderly person’s physical state. There are many causes behind depression in the elderly. They could,

Tips for Caring for an Aging Parent

Your parents have cared for you since you were born, but now that they are getting older the roles have reversed. Now it is your turn to take care of them as they grow older and need elderly assistance with more of life’s daily activities. In theory it sounds like an idealistic way to give

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