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Lonely Seniors: 4 Ways Companion Care Can Fill the Void

If you have an elderly loved one that lives alone without daily companionship nearby, it may be time to think about in-home care services. In-home health care offers more than assisting with medical needs. By enlisting a compassionate worker who is...

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Distress Signals: Signs Your Aging Parent May Need In-Home Care

It's never easy to watch a loved one experience a decline in the ability to care for themselves or to maintain their normal activities of daily living. To complicate matters, you may not know when additional help or intervention is necessary, as...

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4 Health Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

You've probably heard that yoga is an amazingly healthy form of exercise more times than you care to recall. But did you know that yoga can have particular benefits for seniors? In fact, both the physical and mental benefits of yoga can improve the...

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