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Lonely Seniors: 4 Ways Companion Care Can Fill the Void

If you have an elderly loved one that lives alone without daily companionship nearby, it may be time to think about in-home care services. In-home health care offers more than assisting with medical needs. By enlisting a compassionate worker who is trained to offer companionship, your elderly parent or loved one needn’t feel isolated and alone.

Here are ways in-home companion care services may help your elderly mom or dad feel connected, emotionally well, and socially active.

1. Help the Senior Reminisce About Children and Grandchildren

Seniors love sharing stories about their children and grandchildren and reminiscing about the good times they’ve had raising their families. However, when a senior lives alone and does not have daily interaction with others, a void may be felt. In-home companion care services with a warm and caring worker may help fill that void.

A companion care worker will visit your elderly loved one as often as he or she requests. Whether the visit is on a daily, weekly, or occasional basis, the senior will have something to look forward to. The companion care worker will be a good listener and help the individual reminisce, which may be very beneficial.

Chatting about family can help ease the loneliness that may be felt, especially if children and grandchildren live a distance away. The worker may help the senior carry out family photo albums or play records that bring back cherished memories.

2. Share Fun Activities Together

Maybe your elderly parent has enjoyed a favorite hobby or activity but no longer has anyone to share the fun with. Whether that activity is taking strolls through the neighborhood or the local park, going to the zoo or a nearby concert, or starting a botanical garden, having another person to share it with can be rewarding.

In-home companion care may help your elderly loved one enjoy favorite activities once again. Having a companion may be especially helpful for a senior who has difficulty enjoying favorite activities due to arthritis or mobility issues. The worker will not only provide companionship for activities but also provide assistance as needed to help the individual thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Does your loved one enjoy doing art projects? Having a companion to share the creativity or provide a bit of assistance can help ease the loneliness and make the pastime more rewarding.

3. Rekindle a Love of Books Once Again

Perhaps your senior parent or loved one has always loved reading, but advanced age has made the experience difficult. If your parent has impaired vision, he or she does not have to give up the love of reading. Having a companion at home that will read books, magazine articles, or newspapers is a great advantage and benefit. Reading with the elderly can enrich a life greatly.

Studies show that reading may increase longevity. A reading companion with a warm and caring approach provides a more rewarding and interactive experience than that of which an audio book can provide. Your loved one can share thoughts and interact with the caregiver while sharing the reading experience together.

4. Help the Individual Keep In Touch With Family and Friends

For seniors who don’t often visit family and friends in person, emails, cards, and letters are good options to have. However, some seniors have difficulty writing emails or sending letters through the mail for various reasons. Having an in-home companion who can assist with the tasks of letter and email writing and correspondence can be of great help to such an individual.

Help your elderly loved one stay in touch with family and friends with the aid of companion care services. Perhaps the caretaker can help create an email template that might work well. The caretaker will also gladly help with the correspondence and mail letters and packages as needed.

If you have further questions or concerns, reach out to us at Home Helpers and learn how we can help.

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